Klosterhof is the historical name of the area which is the oldest part of Szczecin (Poland). We live and work there in a building erected in 1909 that survived as the only one from the bombing in 1944. 100 years later Janek Turkowski started to observe, film and document everyday life in Klosterhof. Iwona Nowacka joined him 2013. The performance invites viewers for a virtual trip through time. The starting point is the opening of a „time capsule” found in 2109. It contains 3 hours of film material and precise instructions, a kind of scenario, about how they should be presented to the audience. It’s a testament that hopes the finder of the capsule will enact the two of us, so once again, the creators of the footage will be reborn.

The project is being realised with the support of the Scholarship of City of Szczecin, the Polish Minister of Culture and the Theatre Center Kana in Szczecin (Poland).

conceived and performed by Janek Turkowski and Iwona Nowacka

premiere: 30.12. 2017


Zrealizowano w ramach Stypendium Twórczego Miasta Szczecin

Projekt Klosterhof realizowany jest w ramach stypendium z Funduszu Promocji Twórczości.